drum and bass 15min mini mix

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drum and bass 15min mini mix

Post by benchproductions » Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:06 pm

to show that it's also possible to mix 173bpm drum and bass with the pmd.

This is a little mix i made at 6:20am on a sunday morning.

i'll make a longer one when i find some time.

http://soundcloud.com/benchproductions/ ... x-26102012

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Re: drum and bass 15min mini mix

Post by Sox » Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:27 pm

Really nice mix with flawless transitions.

I would download a longer mix
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Re: drum and bass 15min mini mix

Post by SIGMA__7 » Sat Nov 03, 2012 5:41 pm

great mix. I mix dnb and jungle on the PMA sometimes. the only issue is sometimes the BPM analysis is a half count of actual. this is very easy to spot, and if you are good at math, you just need to double it to get the accurate BPM. this is not unique to the PMA - most software programs I have used do the exact same thing with high bpm music.

whatever song is at 5:09 is top shelf.


Re: drum and bass 15min mini mix

Post by benchproductions » Fri Nov 09, 2012 1:00 pm

I dj'ed for about 9 years, but only with vinyl. I now started again after 5 years.. so i'm a bit rusty. And as i never spinned with mp3's, the mix doesn't sound perfect. The pmd doesn't give the same control as a vinyl.
I'm getting the stanton scs 4dj end of this month. It's a little all in one thing with no setup. Will give me the opportunity to work on mixing with mp3's.

Dnb/jungle tunes are usually analysed between 75 and 87 bpm, instead of the 175 they actually are. It doesn't make it easier to mix. But as you said, it's not too hard to find out the correct bpm.
Gonna try out some more things and will try to upload a new mix when i'm happy enough with it :)
After listening to this one a couple of times, i'm not really happy with it.
It really has some errors..

btw the tune at 5:09 is Sabre, Stray & Halogenix ft. Frank Carter - Oblique


Re: drum and bass 15min mini mix

Post by SIGMA__7 » Fri Nov 09, 2012 4:38 pm

your mix is good. it is easy to replace enjoyment with obsession if you over-analyze.

I don't buy vinyl anymore, but I love drum'n'bass and I still listen to it. I started listening to techno and hardcore techno before, but I recognize that I started primarily listening to what would become drum and bass in 1993 - DJ Crystl, Adam F, Voyager, DJ Fokus, M Beat, Orca, Doc Scott, LTJ Bukem. the only period I don't listen to is 90% of the stuff between 1997-98.

1994 I started going to events. after seeing the DJs at the events, I bought decks and started buying and playing vinyl. since then, I've used almost every kind of technology to mix. turntables, CD Rack Mount units, CD standalone units, desktop only, laptop only, touchscreen laptop only, laptop/controller, laptop/decks/software, and now tablet.

out of everything, I really only enjoy playing vinyl and CD standalone players (that have USB) or "all in one" digital units like the Stanton you are looking at. I have no preference between those three methods. the only thing I don't like - I really don't like to see a PC of any kind in the DJ booth or at a party/club unless it is a live PA.

for 99% of applications though, I like mixing on the Pacemaker App on the playbook. it is small, portable, inexpensive, reliable, stable. it sure doesn't make you "look as busy" as all the other hardware, but the net result is the same. and because it is so portable, you tend to mix a whole lot more than with other methods.

this is not a drum'n'bass tune, but you might like the following link anyway. elements that I like in techno or drum and bass can be found in all different genres. all the elements are there for someone like Fanu to remix this - would hope he would be sure to put in an Amen avalanche, because I think it could work.


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