Compatibility with iTunes??

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Compatibility with iTunes??

Post by DrBrazil » Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:37 pm

Hey Gang: New User, first-time poster so please forgive me if I'm not posting to the appropriate forum:

1) Congratulations on getting this site up and running, and persevering through the fog of the shut-down...Sad times for all users/purchasers of the Pacemaker.
I was shocked to see the company fall from such a height, but I certainly understand how/why. I'll look around and see how I might be able to support your efforts to
keep the Pacemaker alive and well...(Donations anyone?!?...speaking of which, I wonder if a Kickstarter project might be a way to get some money to you and/or the current
holders of the Pacemaker software/hardware rights)

2) I love my pacemaker. I had an interest in learning what it was that DJ's do, and the pacemaker allowed me to wrap my brain around mixing without having to
purchase separate decks, etc. I took my pacemaker with me on a trip to Dominican Republic, and DJ'd a set at the nightclub where we were staying, and several wedding
parties rocked out all night to this rookie wielding a pacemaker, within a month of me buying it. Loved it!

3) The Question: Is the current Pacemaker Editor version compatible with current versions of iTunes? The reason I ask is that the last version of the Pacemaker firmware and
Editor that I have installed on my old laptop seemed to NOT be compatible with the latest versions of iTunes that I had installed. As such, playlists from iTunes did not "port" over
into the Pacemaker Editor Software as "Cases" the way it was supposed to work. (Sadly I don't have my pacemaker or laptop in front of me to tell you which versions of the Editor or
pacemaker firmware I have installed and was having difficulties with...)

4) Related to Question #3: I'm happy to wipe my pacemaker and start again as long as current versions of the firmware and Editor software are compatible with present versions of
iTunes, but really don't want to format my device and have it be a brick if I can't load my music files back on to it...

Thanks SO MUCH for all your work in keeping this thing going, and kudos to the original device developers/creators for supporting your efforts here.


Admin Fazz
Admin Fazz
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Re: Compatibility with iTunes??

Post by fazz » Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:23 pm

Answering #3 off the top of my head/from memory (I haven't used iTunes in a long, long time): Cases don't transfer, but tracks do. I think this has always happened, despite PME "supporting itunes". Can someone else confirm/deny this?

Otherwise, welcome to the forum! :)

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Re: Compatibility with iTunes??

Post by Sox » Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:52 pm

1) Thanks for the thanks. We don't currently have any options, but to be honest now we are setup we don't have any running costs until it is time to renew the domain, etc. If and when we do set something up, like a donate via Paypal option, as we are a non-profit organisation I would like to think that if our donations more than covered the running costs, we could offer prizes to competitions. A playbook with PMA would be a cool prize I think.

2) Glad you're loving it, so do we

3) I've never tried to sync my Pacemaker editor library with my iTunes, so I can't offer the advice you are looking for, but I think Fazz may have answered your query. However I use Windows Media Player for all my music I might want to listen to, such as CDs. But I do not wants all this music on my Pacemaker. For one it would be filling it up with tunes I wouldn't necessarily want to play if I was DJing, thereby offering me too much choice when I am trying to find the tunes I do want to play. And another reasons is lots of my CDs are mixed, but for DJing I want the non-mixed versions. For these reasons I keep my DJ tunes and the Editor library separate to all my other tunes. If there is a track in my music collection I want to DJ with, I simply add that track to my Editoy library. I think if I synced all of my music with the Editor I wouldn't be able to do this (or can you pick out which tracks/ablums, etc you want to sync?)

4) You shouldn't need to wipe your Pacemaker. If it is recognised by your OS and the editor, you can select the tracks on "Device" and press delete to start with a new empty Pacemaker library. You can also do the same for the editor. I don't know what level of iTunes compatibility by the various previous versions of editor (this is the one that syncs with iTunes, not the device), but I wouldn't necessarily propose an older version just to obtain a level of compatibility. Normally latest is greatest (and most bug free), though obviously the with the Beta firmware it runs it's own risks of use (being a beta). However I can say that the editor has not changed for a few years, whereas iTunes has, so it maybe that iTunes has introduced some incompatibilities meanign it no longer works so well with the editor. Perhaps what you need is an older version of iTunes (or is that what you meant).
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Re: Compatibility with iTunes??

Post by DrBrazil » Wed Nov 07, 2012 4:35 am

Just an update:

I installed PM Editor version 14170 from this site's downloads page (Windows 7), installed it, and ran it.

It asked (as usual) if I wanted to import songs and playlists from Itunes, I replied "yes" and it imported all my songs and playlists from iTunes (version as it is advertised to do, thus answering my question regarding compatibility with iTunes. Not sure what was going on with my old laptop/OS with Windows XP but the newest version of iTunes and version 14170 of PM Editor do seem to talk to each other seamlessly.

FYI, itunes playlists port in to PM Editor as "Cases" which is nice for anybody that has made a lot of playlists in iTunes, is familiar with their content, and wants these playlists to be available as "Cases" on the pacemaker.

On a related topic (I'll post an update in that thread as well) I have been successful in getting the Pacer to connect to my new computer, but I had to trial a few different USB cables, and as you had suggested before, I had to connect to a USB root port, NOT through a USB hub. Thanks for the hints on that one as well.

Now the question I have the balls to reset my Pacer hard drive and re-import my new song list from the new computer?!?

Stay tuned, and again, thanks for the help so far.

This Pacemaker may live to Gig again after all!!!


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