Split Output to Allow Cue in Headphone

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Split Output to Allow Cue in Headphone

Post by SIGMA__7 » Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:54 pm

to have separate cue output and master output, you will need to ensure that from the PMA menu, that Split Output has been toggled. you will also need a way to split the channels. at present, this takes the form of a cable. the function of the cable is taking the stereo signal coming from the playbook and splitting each stereo channel into two separate mono channels so each channel is carrying the signal for EITHER the headphones OR the master. the cable then recreates it as a stereo signal again so that the signal goes out to all speakers in your system, and comes through both drivers in your headphones.

I would not suggest wasting your time trying to build a cable out of parts and adapters or anything else. all you will do is introduce sound degradation and connections where things can go wrong. just go to the Applestore and order the Griffin DJ cable from them no matter how much you don't like it.

remember you can't use a standard Y Cable because it splits stereo to stereo duplicating the channels - you need it to go stereo to mono to stereo - if you use a regular splitter cable, you will think the app or device is malfunctioning, however, it is only because you are not using the correct cable.

do it yourself: If you build your own cable, you’ll need an 1/8" stereo headphones (TRS) plug to two 1/8" mono headphones (TRS) jack lead, and then two 1/8" mono headphones (TRS) plug to 1/8" stereo headphones TRS jack leads, so a total of three leads. there are all kinds of other ways to build the splitter, but in the end you will have multiple leads and connections. this was the first option I tried, and it "worked" but it was junk. just like the PMD, using PMA I am normally standing up and holding the device in my hands. all these leads and multiple connections, I could hear static when I moved around, changed positions, or changed the angle of the playbook in my hands. you could use electric tape or glue I guess, but the question becomes, why bother if there is a better solution.

other cables: a company called Yumatron makes a splitter cable similar to the Griffin DJ Cable. link is below. The Yumatron costs less, but build and look and feel is cheaper, it still has to be ordered, and most importantly, it has some design issues that the Griffin addresses - most apparent is the straight/inline 1/8" into the source on the Yumatron vs the 90 degree connector to source on the Griffin - since the playbook output is on the top of the unit, the wire on the straight connector will be stressed and wear out or become less reliable from wear and tear over time. this will not occur with the 90 degree connection, which is exactly why it is designed that way - to make a cable for life, instead of one to replace every couple years.

http://www.yumatron.com/dj-app-zubehoer ... le/a-1701/

here is another link relating to split output from a device, and alternatives to Griffin DJ Cable.

http://the-modern-dj.blogspot.ca/2011/0 ... -apps.html

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Re: Split Output to Allow Cue in Headphone

Post by fazz » Wed Oct 17, 2012 1:33 pm

I don't even own PMA or a BBPB but this is an extremely informative and helpful post. Kudos to you!

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