PMD debug mode

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PMD debug mode

Post by ubergeek » Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:46 am

Debug mode

The PMD has a method to interact with a live, running system. This is referred to as "Debug Mode".

As usual, commands listed here are for linux, generally Ubuntu/Debian. Again, there is probably a method for doing this in Windows, but we won't go into that here.

How to activate Debug Mode:

Plug in the PMD via USB and wait for it to be recognised. In the root directory of the PMD run

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touch ./Pacemaker/activatedebugmode
Reboot the PMD. When it reboots, it will look for this file. If it exists, the PMD will enable a network interface over USB and disable the mass storage system over USB. Linux kernel >2.6 contains the ethernet over USB drivers by default, so it should automatically appear as a network interface.

The PMD is configuired to have the IP address

Configure the new USB ethernet device (assume it is eth1) with

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sudo ifconfig eth1 
If it is not eth1, use dmesg to determine which ethernet interface is created. Access with:
The password is "root" (as can be seen below)

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$ cat ./cramfs/etc/shadow | head -n 1

$ echo "root" | openssl passwd -stdin -1 -salt ""
To disable debug mode and return to normal use, simply delete the file "activatedebugmode" and reboot.

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rm /mnt/public/.Pacemaker/activatedebugmode

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