2014: New Pacemaker Device Firmware!


Combined with the launch of Pacemaker for iPad, Pacemakerdevice.org and the Pacemaker Team are pleased to announce a brand new feature-packed update for the original Pacemaker Device.


  • Improvements to scratching.

    Scratch is now realistic and differs based on the speed in which you manipulate the touch-pad and drifting has been eliminated too. It’s leaps and bounds better compared to the previous release.

  • When looping and scratching, your tracks will now stay in sync.

    This gives you way more freedom to play around and improvise without risking getting off beat and these features work whilst both decks are playing too.

  • FX Parameters Changed

    Some parameters have changed, but you’ll get the same great effects. Echo now defaults to ¾ time and the wet/dry parameter for this effect is now limited to 50%.

  • 8/16 Beat Loop support.

    Create longer loops both manually and by using the “Fixed Loop Lengths Option” in the settings menu.

  • Track Browser now shows applied filters at the top of the screen

    eg. Artist/BPM so you know you’re looking at a smaller selection of your music.

  • General sync improvements.

    Tempo drifting is automatically corrected when sync mode is activated and you should find vast improvements when mixing songs with regular fixed beats.

  • Cue point adjustments/improvements when loading a song.

    Downbeat detection has been improved so songs should be ready to play straight away with better beat detection. No modifications needed.

  • Legal Notice updated, it is now 2014!
  • Support link updated and links to us the official place for all things Pacemaker Device!


Download and Installation Instructions:

Windows Users:

  • Download and install this update now using PMUpdater and be sure to post your comments over in the official forum thread here, to show your support to the team.

Mac Users or Manual Update Instructions:

Mac users will currently need to install the firmware manually by following the steps below. You can also use this method if you have problems using PMUpdater.

Ensure your Pacemaker has at least 20% charge before starting this process.

Download the firmware by clicking here.

  1. Connect your Pacemaker Device to your Mac or PC.
  2. View the Pacemaker drive so you can see the folders on the device (like you would with a memory stick)
  3. Find the .Pacemaker folder (it might be a hidden folder so you might have to enable viewing of hidden folders).
  4. Copy the firmware you downloaded into this folder.
  5. Safely Eject the Pacemaker Device by clicking ‘Eject’ in the Finder Window.
  6. Your Pacemaker should now reboot and install the firmware – this might take several minutes. Do not unplug your device during this process.
  7. Once completed  the device may either need to be ejected again from the computer, or it may display a screen as if it has just been turned on and is ready to mix.
  8. You’re done – Let’s Mix.
  9. Be sure to post your comments over in the official forum thread here, to show your support to the team.


Happy New Year! – 2014 is upon us.


Firstly, sorry we’ve been quiet in 2013 – we haven’t forgotten about the community for users of the original Pacemaker Device.PacemakerDevice

We continue to see new people join and share knowledge in the forums and we’ve got 245 members to date. We’ve also seen continued interest in the first beta firmware which was launched back in .

The Pacemaker Music team continued to develop and focus on the Pacemaker application for the BlackBerry PlayBook as well as on the BlackBerry 10 platform in 2013 and the plan has always been that many of the enhancements which are developed for this product will hopefully make their way back to the original Pacemaker Device at some point.

2014 is set to be a great year – and whilst I can’t say when we’ll have more detailed information for you about future updates, rest assured we haven’t forgotten the original device owners. As soon as I have something to share, it will be announced here and on our Facebook page.

From myself (Pip – djpip27) and the Pacemaker Music Team, I wish you all a wonderful 2014. Lets Mix!

New Beta Firmware Release – With Scratching!



Please remember this is a beta and both ourselves and the Pacemaker Music team can accept no responsibility if this software update makes your Pacemaker Device unusable.

A beta firmware version (dfw_180096069.pfw) has now been released for your Pacemaker featuring the following changes (compared to the last official Tonium release Version 14142). This is the first ever official update from the new Pacemaker Music team, congratulations to them for making the Pacemaker live on! Continue reading

A Look Back at 2012 – Happy New Year!


We launched this community website for the Pacemaker Device approximately 80 days ago. Since then we’ve had 540 people download the new beta firmware for the Pacemaker, 163 people join our new dedicated forums producing a total of 313 contributions of posts and sharing knowledge, mixes, help and advice so everyone can keep on mixing. We are sure that there are more Pacemaker Device owners who haven’t found us yet so if you know someone who owns a Pacemaker Device then make sure you point them in this direction.

Make sure you like us on Facebook too to keep up with any announcements.

From all of the Pacemaker Device Admins:

We wish you a happy new year and hope you have a great 2013!

Sigma’s Pacemaker App Review

Please find below a review of the Pacemaker App by one of our forum users Sigma.

If you are an amateur or an up and coming DJ, or just someone who likes to experiment with music, I can save you a lot of time and money and simply tell you this: go ahead and buy a Blackberry PlayBook if you don’t already have one and just buy the Pacemaker app. Both function and perform exactly as advertised, so if you have been to http://www.pacemaker.net, seen the feature list and watched the tutorials, the app sells itself and what you see is exactly what you will get.

However, if you would like the long story read on. Continue reading

Lets Mix!

Welcome to the pacemakerdevice.org website!

This site has been set-up by djpip27, Sox and Fazz who were all admins of the previous unofficial Pacemaker forums (http://pacemakerdj.46.forumer.com).

We are pleased to announce that this website has been sponsored by the official Pacemaker® Music team who have since released the Pacemaker® App for BlackBerry PlayBook. For more information about the history of the Pacemaker and why this website has been formed click here.

From all of the pacemakerdevice.org team we hope this new community will become the official destination for everything related to the Pacemaker device. Please join us in our new dedicated forums.