We recommend you update your Pacemaker’s Firmware using the PMUpdater tool which can be downloaded hereThis application is not an official Pacemaker product and all use is at your own risk. For more information visit the forum thread here and a detailed guide on how to use it can be found here.


Pacemaker Firmware Downloads

If you know how to you can update your Pacemaker manually by downloading a firmware file and placing it inside the .Pacemaker folder on your device. Alternatively use the PMUpdater tool which can be downloaded here to manually install this firmware.

Please Note: Use of the beta firmware is at your own risk!

Version Type Description Changes
December 2015 Beta Released in December 2015 New white noise effect, stability fixes!
February 2014 Beta Released in February 2014 Improved scratching, improvements to sync lock!
September 2012 Beta Released in September 2012 Adds scratching, beatlock, tempo sync lock and snappy loops!
Version 16219   Leaked Tonium Release Beatjump added. Sometimes error 0201 shown.
Version 14142  Stable Last Official Tonium Release  
Version 14108   Previous Tonium Release  
Version 13557   Old Tonium Release (Not recommended)  

Pacemaker Editor Downloads


Pacemaker Manual

Pacemaker Manual (Version 14142 features or older are listed only)

Pacemaker Utilities

PMUpdater v1.04 (for downloading and applying firmware upgrades)

Find out more about PMUpdater at this forum thread.



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