About The Team

Below are the admins of the pacemakerdevice.org team. We are proudly sponsored by Pacemaker.net.


Name: Ryan “Fazz” F
Home-town: Sydney, Australia
Favourite place to mix on the PMD: My car
Favourite music to mix on the PMD: Deep and funky house and nu disco

I’m a 22 year old student from Sydney, Australia. My mates have always had CDJ’s and I’d mucked around on them here and there over the years. I liked the idea of DJing as a hobby, so I decided the price and novelty of a Pacemaker made it an excellent entry level investment. This was years ago (I can’t even remember how long ago by now).

Nowadays, between mixing on my Pioneer midi controller and my Pacemaker, I’m still loving my hobby. Long live the Pacemaker!


Name: Sox
Home-town: Bath, UK
Favourite place to mix on the PMD: Live online at Mixify.com or house parties
Favourite music to mix on the PMD: House, DnB, …

I’m 46, married with two boys age 5 & 7 and I’m a Software Engineer in the Leisure & Gaming Industry for my day job. In the evenings and weekends I’m a parent, PS4 gamer, mountain biker and hobbyist DJ.

I took up DJing on vinyl about 10 years ago after enjoying friends playing at house party I threw. I bought my Pacemaker within a couple of months of launch and used it at every opportunity I had to DJ, until only last year when I bought a DDJ-SX controller. Even though I have a new go-to tool for my DJing, I’ll never be getting rid of my Pacemaker, and still support it by checking & replying to posts here.

DJing and computing are two of my hobbies that are brought together in all that is Pacemaker. I put my time into this site and helping others because I want all users to the get the enjoyment I got from my DJ buddy.


Name: djpip27
Home-town:  Surrey, United Kingdom
Favourite place to mix on the PMD:  Whilst travelling on trains, walking or at house parties when the iPod on shuffle just doesn’t cut it.
Favourite music to mix on the PMD: House / Electronic / Top 40 (Chart)

I’m 20 and currently a full time university student, DJ and software developer and originally I was the first person to discover the leaked firmware for your Pacemaker device located on Tonium’s servers. DJ’ing is a huge hobby in my life and I’ve provided loads of mobile discos for friends, family and local schools. I own a BlackBerry PlayBook, Z10 and iPad too and love the Pacemaker application on these platforms just as much as the original device. I haven’t experienced vinyl due to my young age compared to some members, but I have used MIDI controllers, CD decks and the Pacemaker device at these parties. I love music and technology!