• Happy New Year – 2015!

    Happy New Year Pacemaker device owners! Looking back in 2014 we were given another firmware update from the team at Pacemaker who managed to improve scratching, give us longer loops and improve the beat-sync function all whilst launching their own application Pacemaker for iPad, which links with Spotify. Their application has had over 1 million downloads, so if you haven’t already – give it a try.


    For us original device owners, we’ve had a great year as a community too!

    • 338 registered members on our forum.
    • 5,879 downloads of the last firmware.

    Thanks for your support and keep your eyes on this website – there’s more awesome stuff coming in 2015!

4 Responsesso far.

  1. Rose says:

    I’m getting one through ebay in a few days, and I’m glad this site exists, haha! Many thanks!

  2. flaep says:

    thank you for still supporting the device

  3. Rob says:

    Keep up the dam fine work

  4. Georg Greth says:

    I’m so happy that you guys support and help the pacemaker device survive, it’s a shame that tonium doesn’t develop further….
    I’m a Pacemakerdevice owner and just want to thank you for still givin support and solve problems with this amazing little dj machine!

    The party goes on……

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