• December 2015: New Firmware!

    Pacemakerdevice.org and the Pacemaker Team are pleased to announce a brand new update for the original Pacemaker Device. We feel this version is really stable – but we’re marking this as another Beta release just to be sure. If you have any problems whilst using this firmware, post below or leave a message in the forums.


    • New effect: White Noise

      We’ve brought over our new effect in Pacemaker for iPad to the original Pacemaker Device. Use this effect to create a ‘whoosh’ style sound before dropping in your next track! Enable the Noise effect in the settings screen: Settings -> Configure -> FX Layout -> Edit -> Noise.

    • Minor improvements to effects/scratching and tempo sync!

      We’ve taken many additional fixes and tweaks we’ve made to scratching, tempo sync and effect sounds since the last release and thrown them in here for good measure.

    • Stability fixes.

      Some users had reported seeing error 0201 appear whilst using previous firmware releases. We’ve tried to track down these errors and hopefully there’ll be less of them now. Please do post below if you see this still.

    Known Issues:

    If you record a mix using the the new White Noise effect, because the Pacemaker Editor has not been updated – the effect will not appear in the mix when viewed in the editor.

    Download and Installation Instructions:

    Windows Users:

    • Download and install this update now using PMUpdater and be sure to post your comments over in the official forum thread here, to show your support to the team.

    Mac Users or Manual Update Instructions:

    Mac users will currently need to install the firmware manually by following the steps below. You can also use this method if you have problems using PMUpdater.

    Ensure your Pacemaker has at least 20% charge before starting this process.

    Download the firmware by clicking here.

    1. Connect your Pacemaker Device to your Mac or PC.
    2. View the Pacemaker drive so you can see the folders on the device (like you would with a memory stick)
    3. Find the .Pacemaker folder (it might be a hidden folder so you might have to enable viewing of hidden folders).
    4. Copy the firmware you downloaded into this folder.
    5. Safely Eject the Pacemaker Device by clicking ‘Eject’ in the Finder Window.
    6. Your Pacemaker should now reboot and install the firmware – this might take several minutes. Do not unplug your device during this process.
    7. Once completed  the device may either need to be ejected again from the computer, or it may display a screen as if it has just been turned on and is ready to mix.
    8. You’re done – Let’s Mix.
    9. Be sure to post your comments over in the official forum thread here, to show your support to the team or comment below!

40 Responsesso far.

  1. tomo says:

    Database error while updating with MAC.
    The previous version is 9383.
    Please tell me about improvement measures.

  2. gringo says:

    its not working!
    database error..
    all the time. i tride every option like in the discription..
    i dont know what to do?!?!
    pease help!

  3. Steve says:

    Hola si la verdad esta buena pero el echo ya no es tan largo . no apaga la onda suav cuando le pones pausa podrias corregirlo o dime como hacer que el echo sea mas largo

  4. This is great guys! Just a shame I still can’t record the mix correctly with loops 🙁


    Love to solve this problem, otherwise its back to the old official firmware

    • djpip27 says:

      Hey Ian,
      As you may know when you record a mix on Pacemaker you’re not recording the audio but rather the steps you took like:

      Song 1: 00:02:00 -> 03:45.00
      Crossfader to 50%.
      Song 2: Press play.
      White Noise FX Drop.

      The issue is the Pacemaker Editor has not and will not be updated to support these new effects and features. Unfortunately the team don’t have the time to support it and it’s not currently useful on other platforms like iPhone/iPad. If this situation ever changes then perhaps it can be looked at in the future. For now you have to pick between perfect recording or new features.

  5. Michael says:

    Just installed!Nice job!

  6. Rebel says:

    hi, I’m on the 14142 currently. Do I need to update all the three Beta updates or does the latest update cover the previous two ?



    • LUIS CABALLERO says:

      Sorry for writing in Upper case…

    • djpip27 says:

      If you have an old firmware file still there ending in .pfw then yes remove it. The file is automatically deleted after a sucessful install.

      • LUIS CABALLERO says:

        I have already tried to, exactly as instructed, with no luck…
        Still rebooting with the old firmware, altough I have already deleted it from the folder, and placed the new firmware instead.
        I go to
        About>Version>Firmware on Device and it shows 16219
        and it should show 06814
        istn’t it?

  8. scott says:

    after a tiny bit of faffing around ie…getting my mac to reconise the pacemaker in the desktop, the new firmware downloaded easily and transferred across perfectly i then ejected and BANG!!!!!! the pacemaker has come back to life ….ive synced all my tracks over from itunes and its like it never stopped working ,,,,success story here anyway

    good luck and thanks to you guys for sticking at it


    • djpip27 says:

      Thanks Scott! Glad you’re back up and running. Happy New Year!

    • adie says:

      you synched your tracks from iTunes?? HOW did you manage THAT sync?

      • djpip27 says:

        The Pacemaker editor hasn’t been updated for years and therefore the iTunes sync feature will not work because iTunes has changed and the editor hasn’t. Instead of using that feature, click “File” -> “Add Folder / Import Folder” and select your iTunes music library. On windows this will be something like: C:\Users\\Music\iTunes
        The editor will then find all your tracks and analyse them so they can be copied to your device.

  9. Brian says:

    Worked fine for me. Keep up the great work

    • Brian says:

      keep getting “unexpected error 0201”
      after every 10 – 15 tracks. try restarting and the same thing happens again, is there a fix for this, please help

      • djpip27 says:

        Hey Brian,
        Can you connect the pacemaker device to your PC. Inside the .Pacemaker folder you will see a folder called dump. Inside may be several files which are useful to us when this goes wrong. If you can upload them somewhere and share a link with us – we can take a look. Thanks.

        • Brian says:

          Think I managed to fix it. I opened the hidden .pacemaker folder and deleted a pfw file and some other files that looked like duplicates from the non hidden files. then run updater and have had two days now of play without one error message.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! Working fine at the moment.

  11. Alex says:

    I receive a database error including request to upgrade firmware.

    • djpip27 says:

      Alex what software version were you previously using? What method did you use to update your device? Was this a manual update or using PMUpdater?

      • Alex says:

        I used the manual update. Things started working after my third effort. I probably had the original settings on the device. I haven’t used my device for a while (it was dusty when I found it). I was looking forward to use the added effects on the device. Unfortunately I cannot find them so far. Any suggestions?
        But still a good way to start the new year. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

  12. Alex says:

    Not so great so far. Device shows: Database error Please upgrade firmware. Which I just did. Any ideas?

  13. Richard says:

    Thanks Guys! I love my pacemaker device and I really appreciate your efforts to keep this amazing tool alive!

  14. NyRo says:

    Wow, what a nice X-mas present :^)

    Thanks !

  15. stuart keegan says:

    working fine thanks and happy new year to you all

  16. Gogo says:

    Thank you guys so much for putting your brains and time into this firmware update! You’re awesome! Thanks for keeping both the Pacemaker device and the community alive!

  17. DjQ says:

    Thanks a lot!

  18. Anthony Wake says:

    Wow, many thanks guys, great to see you are still writing firmware for this awesome machine, will let you know how it goes

  19. Gianluigi says:

    WOW I’m Very Happy

    tomorrow i install the new Firmware.

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