• February 2014: New Firmware!

    Combined with the launch of Pacemaker for iPad, Pacemakerdevice.org and the Pacemaker Team are pleased to announce a brand new feature-packed update for the original Pacemaker Device.


    • Improvements to scratching.

      Scratch is now realistic and differs based on the speed in which you manipulate the touch-pad and drifting has been eliminated too. It’s leaps and bounds better compared to the previous release.

    • When looping and scratching, your tracks will now stay in sync.

      This gives you way more freedom to play around and improvise without risking getting off beat and these features work whilst both decks are playing too.

    • FX Parameters Changed

      Some parameters have changed, but you’ll get the same great effects. Echo now defaults to ¾ time and the wet/dry parameter for this effect is now limited to 50%.

    • 8/16 Beat Loop support.

      Create longer loops both manually and by using the “Fixed Loop Lengths Option” in the settings menu.

    • Track Browser now shows applied filters at the top of the screen

      eg. Artist/BPM so you know you’re looking at a smaller selection of your music.

    • General sync improvements.

      Tempo drifting is automatically corrected when sync mode is activated and you should find vast improvements when mixing songs with regular fixed beats.

    • Cue point adjustments/improvements when loading a song.

      Downbeat detection has been improved so songs should be ready to play straight away with better beat detection. No modifications needed.

    • Legal Notice updated, it is now 2014!
    • Support link updated and links to us the official place for all things Pacemaker Device!


    Download and Installation Instructions:

    Windows Users:

    • Download and install this update now using PMUpdater and be sure to post your comments over in the official forum thread here, to show your support to the team.

    Mac Users or Manual Update Instructions:

    Mac users will currently need to install the firmware manually by following the steps below. You can also use this method if you have problems using PMUpdater.

    Ensure your Pacemaker has at least 20% charge before starting this process.

    Download the firmware by clicking here.

    1. Connect your Pacemaker Device to your Mac or PC.
    2. View the Pacemaker drive so you can see the folders on the device (like you would with a memory stick)
    3. Find the .Pacemaker folder (it might be a hidden folder so you might have to enable viewing of hidden folders).
    4. Copy the firmware you downloaded into this folder.
    5. Safely Eject the Pacemaker Device by clicking ‘Eject’ in the Finder Window.
    6. Your Pacemaker should now reboot and install the firmware – this might take several minutes. Do not unplug your device during this process.
    7. Once completed  the device may either need to be ejected again from the computer, or it may display a screen as if it has just been turned on and is ready to mix.
    8. You’re done – Let’s Mix.
    9. Be sure to post your comments over in the official forum thread here, to show your support to the team.


76 Responsesso far.

  1. marlon says:

    HI guys, i have one unit of this device. but unfortunately i got dead battery. where can I buy it??

  2. Gingerz says:

    I have a few FLAC files that just won’t analyze… any thoughts why not?

    They play perfectly within the Editor.

  3. ruairi b says:

    Anyone know how to get music off it back onto PC?

    I have some old tunes I don’t have anymore and would like them
    on PC>

  4. PAULO GASPAR says:

    estou com muita dificuldade para atualizar o meu Pacemaker, e não consigo gravar novas musicas
    preciso de ajuda

  5. ShikiMo says:

    Tusind tak from Denmark! Just got the Pacemaker and will throw a party to celebrate!

    Cheers and thanks again!

  6. Stoney says:

    Hi everyone, in need of help here. I’m using a mac right not and cannot manage to find the device. I have show all hidden folder file already. the Pacemaker editor also wont detect it. I’ trying to take my music off the device to my mac. Please help

  7. Guss says:

    error 0201 i need new firmware for fix this bug

  8. adrian fisk says:

    hi Guys,

    I still have the original Pacemaker I bought in 2009 and still love it.
    I hadn’t realised there is new firmware which is exciting. However, I have downloaded the new file for my mac but it seems to be in a PFW format which my mac doesn’t recognise. I do not seem to be able to find a PFW convertor either…..
    Grateful for any help.

  9. Paul says:

    Hi guys, many thanks for the update – great to see support is still happening for the Pacemaker. I manually loaded the new firmware three times in total but never managed to get rid of the dreaded 0201 message and subsequent shutdown (which almost always happened whilst listening to a song and without mixing or using effects), so I went back to the old firmware. Hopefully the team have an idea what causes it and if there is another update in the future it might just be fixed. Good work.

  10. Paul says:

    Hi guys, first up thanks to everyone for the work done on the new firmware, glad to see some life in the old dog yet. Unfortunately I was one of those who kept on getting the infamous 0201 error message – usually in the middle of a track and not whilst I was using any effects or mixing in any way. I tried installing the firmware a second time but the result was just the same so now I’m back on the previous firmware and I no longer have any problems. Shame but it just didn’t work for me.
    Anyway, I’ll be watching out for another update in the future which might solve the 0201 problem, fingers crossed. Cheers!

  11. Gingerz says:

    Am I being really dumb here?… once I get to Mix Settings I cannot seem to switch Vinyl Mode on.

    • djpip27 says:

      On the original Tonium Pacemaker Device, it should be as simple as: Settings -> Mix Control -> Vinyl Mode then make sure it’s enabled. With a song playing, touch the touchscreen pad at the bottom of the device and you should now be able to scratch as if you have a vinyl record infront of you.

  12. leme says:

    hi, just rediscovered my pacemaker and searched out new firmware, but there appears to be a discrepancy in the version numbers, latest is apparently 180096070 but this version is 146061537, was the latest version pulled or something?

    Thanks, Leme

  13. Jim the Grin says:

    Yes a big thanks from me. Haven’t tried the new firmware but got my Pacemaker out with the intention of wiping it & reloading it with all my latest music.
    I brought one of the 1st batch released & have played hundreds of gigs with it but last year moved onto a MacBook & controller.
    I’m doing a bit of travelling this year so thought I’d dust off the trusty Pacemaker. I was so excited to see new firmware. An excitement I hadn’t had since all them years ago waiting for each new update from Tonium.
    The Pacemaker forum was the 1st real forum I got involved with & it really did turn into a great community. It opened my eyes to so many different styles of music & many “virtual” friendships were forged chatting & moaning on the boards.
    I miss them days.

  14. Kev says:

    So glad that pacemaker lives on, such a well made piece of equipment.
    Thanks for the new firmware 🙂

  15. vishal chawla says:

    Its good to see new developments for pacemaker device.

    thanks for the new update.

    thanks from India 🙂

  16. Christoffer Bergquist says:

    I am actually (soon) a new user of this divice and were really glad to see this page just before my first PMD arrives. Please pass my cheers so this development team!

    Not there I am made if money, but is there any way for us here, to support you guys with financial support to keep this development alive in the future? Show our appreciation to you that way as well! Again, this made my day.

    Many thanks from Sweden!

    • djpip27 says:

      Hi Christoffer,
      The best way to support the Pacemaker device is actually to buy Pacemaker on other platforms like BlackBerry and Pacemaker for iPad. The reason is development is shared – so any improvements the other versions get, eventually may make it back to the original device owners. The team have made it so that Pacemaker uses nearly the same software on all of these devices.

      • Christoffer Bergquist says:

        Thank you. I will wait for a Android version or a PayPal account then.

        Really love when dedicated people keep old good hardware alive like this. Keep up the good work and brag about it in your resumes!

  17. Daniel Thorpe says:

    Hi, I recently upgraded to the new firmware and started getting back into using the pacemaker again. I’m very excited about the prospects. Once all the new music has finished converting I’ll be on my way. The only problem so far has been that the editor keeps crashing but that could just be the enormous task of converting so much music 🙂

    • djpip27 says:

      Hey Daniel, glad you are enjoying using the Pacemaker again. Personally I haven’t had too many issues with the editor but I appreciate that it does take a long time to analyse all your music – especially if you load a whole collection in at once.
      Personally I click “Add Folder”, point it to my collection and then leave the computer on overnight to process everything. It’s slow, but it works.

  18. PaixAim says:

    A big thank you from France !!! It’s great to see that the pacemaker community is alive around the world and continue to mix everywhere !
    But, i have a little weird problem with the new firmware : Sometimes, after i turn on the Pacemaker device, i play a song and then the device start to “loop very quickly” and the 0201 error message appear on the screen. Do you have any information about that problem ? Do you think it’s due to a bad firmware setup then i should do the upgrade again ?
    Thank you !

    • stann74 says:

      i have same problem, but nobody is answering.

      • djpip27 says:

        Hi Guys, sorry to hear this. There was an issue with looping the team are aware of and this might be linked. Sometimes if you quickly change songs during a loop and press play, the sound from the previous looped section replays. The team are hunting down the cause. You can try installing the same firmware again, if you use the manual method – just download the firmware place it inside the .Pacemaker folder and disconnect your device from your computer. (Detailed version at the bottom of the article above – but it’s easy). Alternatively if you feel you want to go back to an older version, repeat the same but with a different version from our downloads page. 🙂

        • PaixAim says:

          I think ( i’m not sure ) it’s happened when the PMD change music and, fast, the user begin to scratch. But it’s a really good update, and i really thank’s all the PM Team !

  19. Mauricio Brasil says:

    Muito obrigado só fui ver agora essa atualização, gostei muito das melhorias e fez uma boa diferença, obrigado novamente aqui de Rancharia Brasil

  20. crux153 says:

    Thank You from South Korea 🙂

  21. stann74 says:

    Please can you help i have a same problem like a Steve, can you send me instruction how to manualy install or rollback previous firmware. error 0201. I use a PC.


    • djpip27 says:

      Hey, download any previous version of the firmware from the downloads page: http://pacemakerdevice.org/?page_id=22
      Then follow the same ‘Manual’ upgrade instructions at the bottom of the article above using the firmware you downloaded. It’s just as easy as plugging in the device to your computer and copying the file into the .Pacemaker folder and then unplugging it. Music will be kept – but your custom mix settings, like effect positions will be lost.

  22. I will soon upload my first mixtape mixed with Pacemaker.
    Saludos desde Argentina.
    Martin Nardone / Le Freak Selector / Reactable team

  23. since I bought mine in 2009 im djing always with … and ppl freak out always, they think im playing with my phone and ppl involved in music starts to respect that option of playing 🙂

    but im doing that instalation but pacemaker editor does not recognise my device anymore, what can i do????

    thank you!

  24. Andy says:

    Thanks guys with the update, it’s awesome to see the device still have an active user base. I really hope this stays alive.

    I bought mine about 4 years ago but never really played with it much. I hope I will spend more time with it now.

  25. Nik says:

    Its great to see the Pacemaker still supported and developed. Thank you! I use mine to DJ at the Wendy House in the uk, http://www.thewendyhouse.org and its never let me down. Really nice to stroll out of the venue at 4am when everyone else is lugging huge bags.

  26. Bear With Me says:

    Thanks a huge big enormous lot to all the people here at pacemakerdevice and the guys at (ex-)tonium for still thinking about us few dozens of people with the original device. It still serves me well to this day and i was so happy to find this site and forum, so big up for that and keep up the good work.

    Greetings from Germany and keep mixing.

    • djpip27 says:

      You’re welcome – thanks for the lovely comments, will make sure the ex-tonium guys see this. They are still around!

      • Bear With Me says:

        Okay, one issue; I use a MacBook. When i click the download “here”-link, it just opens a new Tab in Safari with a big-a*s text file – full of gibberish. i guess that ain’t right?

        ŒGFþþFþýGõ]g36-_63%D40?Y424* 424D2:Ao”4
        96!B:Q‹ÖCUUUU:7777:(ÿºµ>EIMQ53!533##5!#5#5!#3##!#””3255##5##535#5#’6765!533533535)GGüüGþþGõÞŒÍÍ͐K3=83 […]

        Any help, please? Greetings from Germany again and again and again.

        • djpip27 says:

          Hey, what you’ll need to do is right click on the link and press ‘Save As…’ or ‘Download linked file as…’, you can then save the firmware to your MacBook in a folder and then follow the installation instructions above. Let us know how you get on.

  27. charliehgate says:

    Nice one with the update. Had over an hours blast on the PMD last night and it’s stable as hell! Got non of the issues I had with the previous beta version. Liking the longer loops and menu headers too.

    Just bought myself a back up 120gb PMD as well lol

    • djpip27 says:

      Thanks for the feedback – it’s such a great firmware release. The ex-tonium guys are sorry that this wasn’t the original firmware that was released on the device because I think we can all agree this is awesome. We got there eventually! #MixEverything

  28. Thank you for not forgetting about us. Can’t wait to test the update on my dusted device!

    Thanks again from Rapperswil!

  29. When will we see an update to the software for Windows and Mac?


    • djpip27 says:

      I can’t say anything about the plans for the Pacemaker Editor unfortunately. Obviously Pacemaker are focusing now on apps and we’re so lucky that they continue to release new firmware for us despite them not actually benefiting from it. If the editor one day is reused by an app, then perhaps we’ll see an update? [Please understand that’s total speculation though and I don’t want to give anyone false hope.] I’m not affiliated with Pacemaker in any way. The Pacemaker Editor though still works with this new firmware to the best of my knowledge. Have fun mixing!

    • Sox says:

      What is it that you were hoping to see in an editor upgrade?

  30. Garazd says:

    I hope my PMD#21 will rock again the dancefloors, as before…[http://youtube.com/djgarazd]

  31. Steve says:

    To all the people on here who have developed the new firmware upgrade for the Pacemaker a big thank you. I have owned the Pacemaker from Day One and bought a 2nd one for back up but have too date not ever had to use it. I use it weekly for my internet radio show THE SOUL CAFE on http://www.zeroradio.co.uk and have used it live at numerous gigs for many differentr occasions. Though some of my DJ friends laugh at me and call it a DJ toy I laugh back at them as it’s fantastic piece of quality kit and has not as yet let me down yet. I was dubious about upgrading to your previous beta firmware upgrade last year as it has been so stable since the last official upgrade many moons ago. However I upgraded on my “back up” pacemaker and have played around with it and it is rock solid and so great with the new features including the sync now being locked so nowing going to upgrade my main pacemaker. I have also downloaded the app to my ipad and it great to have the pacemaker system on this as well. One question are you guys able to update the PC software programme for the pacemaker device to make that more user friendly for setting up, searching, transferring music etc… Once again congratulations to everyone involved in keeping the DJ Pacemaker alive and I will continue to promote it as much as I can and now become a valid member to this community. cheers Stevie B

    • djpip27 says:

      Hi Stevie B,
      Thanks for your kind comments – will pass them onto the official team, as personally I’m just the ‘middleman’ who helps them test things and maintains bits of this site along with the other community members like Fazz and Sox.
      Glad you love the new features, the beat lock and the ability to do loops on both decks with them synced together for me personally is the killer feature!
      I can’t say anything about the plans for the Pacemaker Editor unfortunately. Obviously Pacemaker are focusing now on apps and we’re so lucky that they continue to release new firmware for us despite them not actually benefiting from it. If the editor one day is reused by an app, then perhaps we’ll see an update? [Please understand that’s total speculation though and I don’t want to give anyone false hope.] Have fun mixing!

      • Steve says:

        Hi thanks your reply I love the new features but have had a couple of crashes since upgrading which I did not EVER get with the previous firmware version (which was the last official upgrade a few years back). The error code is 201 and it just freezes the track and device making the awful stutter noise which is not great when you are live and have to reboot to continue using it. I have used my pacemaker every week for a radio show for the last 3 years or so and has never failed me. However Saturday it crashed twice and at the time It was just playing a track and I was not using any of the new features. I notice you now have to let the device anaylize the track for a couple of seconds when you load it. I really want to continue to use my pacemaker for my shows but now am not trusting where I had 100% trust before. Please could you advice if you know what is causing this error ? I have around 12,000 track on the device and about 4GB of memory left but this was not a problem in the previous firmware version. Is it possible to revert back to the previous firmware version as a last resort ?? Many thanks for your continued suppiort and dedication to this great device. Steve

        • djpip27 says:

          Hi Steve,
          If you haven’t already could you try reinstalling the same firmware again using the manual method above? I have had this problem myself. Basically inside the Pacemaker Device are two banks of memory or areas where the software can be stored. You might get lucky and find the device behaves better when using the other memory bank after a second install.

          If you still have issues, of course you can revert to a previous firmware, but I hope not seeing as personally I’ve heard nothing but praise for this version. Download an old firmware file http://pacemakerdevice.org/?page_id=22 and then use the manual method above again. Your songs will always be kept, settings will be reset.

          • Steve says:

            Hi thanks for your quick reply I actually did install the firmware manually as could not install the PMPuploader on my computer. I will reload the update again manually but as I have 2 pacemakers will probably revert back to the previous firmware for the one I use for my radio show and use the other one with the new firmware for any live gigs and mixing . Do you still get any crashes ? Does the error code 201 not indicate what/where the problem might be ? manhy thanks Steve

          • djpip27 says:

            That’s fine – the manual method is perfectly fine and it’s really easy too. Definitely give it a second try. I haven’t had a single problem since reinstalling it a second time – most people I’ve spoken to think it’s a very solid firmware and I’d like to think so too as I spent ages helping to test it along with multiple versions before which we weren’t satisfied with. Unfortunately error code 201 is rather generic and doesn’t give myself of the Pacemaker team anything to go on. It’s rare though so hopefully another reinstall and you’ll be good to go.

    • Sox says:

      Have you seen the PMExplorer application available through our forum? It’s not really a replacement for the editor as it doesn’t transfer tracks TO the device (though can recover files FROM). What would you add? (answer in the forum thread, not here)

  32. Younez says:

    Well done to this, I’m going to DL it and give it a go.

    The PM App is getting good coverage on the DJ websites : http://www.djtechtools.com/2014/02/05/dj-with-spotify-pacemaker-ipad-app-review/.

    I like the pricing schedule for this webiste amnd it looks slick as f**k too. Well done PM team.

    Rise up, Lazarus!

  33. Dj Lard says:

    Cheers guys, It’s been a long time coming was excited this morning with it finally coming to the iPad. I get home tonight and see there is a new update for the device. I am well happy

    Cheers Dj Lard

  34. Yuu:Ki says:

    Thank you from Japan.

  35. NyRo says:

    Thank you from Paris :^)

  36. You guys are great… Hopefully it will stop the crashes I sometimes get

  37. Anonymous says:

    thank you from japan!!

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