• Buy a Pacemaker Device

    The original and exclusive hardware developer, manufacturer and supplier of PMD (ex-BHK Inc., now AnC Bio Inc.) based in Korea has 3,000 Pacemaker Device units left for sale. This company worked directly with Tonium during 2007-2009. They have since decided to sell these units at a discounted price.

    If you are interested in purchasing a pacemaker device, please visit their website: http://www.pacemakerdevice.net/

    Please understand you are purchasing the hardware only and no formal technical support can be offered. If you require support, please post in our community forum here and a member of the community may be able to volunteer and help you.


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  1. Garazd says:

    I would like to sell mine #21 Premier Edition PMD!!!
    I’m from Ukraine, but I could send it in any country.

  2. Phil Mac says:

    When I bought my pacemaker I was so excited it was so cool and then when I tried to take off tracks and put new ones on it left the track names on and took the tracks off when I try to put new firmware on there was nowhere to help me this was years ago I have just pulled it out of the cupboard to see if I can fix it with new firmware I don’t have a computer can I download firmware from my tablet to my pacemaker

    • djpip27 says:

      Unfortunately you need a PC unless you can connect the Pacemaker Device, switch it on and see it as a removable drive like a memory stick.

      • daniela Garcia says:

        hiii djpip27… i need help with this i bought my pacemaker long time ago, i have a mac and it looks like the version is too old from the editor and when i conect the device this editor dont identify it.. what can i do?

        • djpip27 says:

          Hey Daniela,

          Two things to try:
          – First when you connect the device to your mac, have you pressed the power button on the top of the device once? It should say connected to PC/MAC when it’s ready to use?
          – If this doesn’t work – can you see the device as a removable drive on your mac? It should appear as something like a USB stick showing the device is connected. If so – use the manual method to update the firmware by downloading the firmware you want to use and then placing it inside the hidden .Pacemaker folder. Instructions are on this site under the firmware posts.

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