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Released December 29th - 2015.

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Firmware Updates

Get the latest software for your device here. It might add new features, or fix issues you are having. We also have old versions you can download too.

Pacemaker Editor

Need to get music onto your device or recorded a mix using your Pacemaker Device and want to edit it? Download the last version of the Pacemaker Editor here.

Pacemaker Manual

Just got a Pacemaker Device? Want to find out how it works - check out the Pacemaker Manual. There's videos on YouTube too.

Help and Support

Need some help and support with your Pacemaker Device? Post in our forum and get help from other Pacemaker Device users.

Archived News

A huge thanks to all the people here at pacemakerdevice and the guys at (ex-)tonium for still thinking about us few dozens of people with the original device. It still serves me well to this day and I was so happy to find this site and forum, so big up for that and keep up the good work.