• New Beta Firmware Release – With Scratching!


    Please remember this is a beta and both ourselves and the Pacemaker Music team can accept no responsibility if this software update makes your Pacemaker Device unusable.

    A beta firmware version (dfw_180096069.pfw) has now been released for your Pacemaker featuring the following changes (compared to the last official Tonium release Version 14142). This is the first ever official update from the new Pacemaker Music team, congratulations to them for making the Pacemaker live on!

    • Scratching (Vinyl Mode) – Enable it under (Settings, Mix Control, Vinyl Mode). Simply touch the edges of the navigation pad on the Pacemaker to scratch your music.
    • Beat Lock/Sync Mode – Enable beat lock by holding the P-Button down and pressing Play on the second deck. The second deck will be synced to the same tempo as the first and held there until this process is repeated.
    • Sync Tempo – Hold the P-Button down and press Cue on the second deck. The second decks tempo will now match the tempo of the first deck.
    • Beat Jump – Enable beat jump by holding the P-Button down and pressing ‘REW’ on a deck. ‘Beat Jump Enabled’ will be displayed. Repeat this process to jump backward in time in the track or hold the P-Button down and press ‘FWD’ to jump forward in the track. You can change the length of the jump by holding the P-Button down and pressing the ‘REW’ and ‘FWD’ buttons simultaneously. Great for creating a ‘stutter effect’.
    • Fixed Loop Length – Set Fixed Loop Lengths in (Settings, Mix Control, Fixed Loop Length) and all loops you create will default to that length.
    • Snap Loops – Set this on under (Settings, Mix Control, Snap Loops) and all loops that are created will be snapped to the nearest beat.
    • Digital Output (Play mode only) – Requires an A/V cable (Digital out where video should be) and this mode only works on the line-out channel (Hardware limitation)

    Known Issues:

    • Scratch effects (Vinyl Mode) can’t be saved. All scratch effects used in a recorded mix will not be saved. They will not be shown in the Pacemaker Editor either when you attempt to edit your mix.
    • Looping Artifact – Audio from a loop in a previously loaded track can sometimes reappear.
    • Scratching – Sound quality needs to be improved.
    • Translations – Wrong translations for other languages other than English.
    • Legal notice – Requires updating, some listed 3rd party libraries are no longer used.

    How to install the beta firmware update:

    If you are running Windows:

    Download and install it now using PMUpdater and be sure to post your comments over in the official forum thread here, to show your support to the team.

    If you are a Mac User:

    You will currently need to install the firmware manually by following the steps below.

    Ensure your Pacemaker has at least 20% charge before starting this process.

    Download the firmware by clicking here

    1. Connect your Pacemaker Device to your Mac.
    2. View the Pacemaker drive so you can see the folders on the device (like you would with a memory stick)
    3. Find the .Pacemaker folder (it might be a hidden folder so you might have to enable viewing of hidden folders).
    4. Copy the firmware you downloaded into this folder.
    5. Safely Eject the Pacemaker Device by clicking ‘Eject’ in the Finder Window.
    6. Your Pacemaker should now reboot and install the firmware – this might take several minutes. Do not unplug your device during this process.
    7. Once completed  the device may either need to be ejected again from the computer, or it may display a screen as if it has just been turned on and is ready to mix.
    8. You’re done – Let’s Mix.
    9. Be sure to post your comments over in the official forum thread here, to show your support to the team.

    Please remember this is a beta and both ourselves and the Pacemaker Music team can accept no responsibility if this software update makes your Pacemaker Device unusable.

72 Responsesso far.

  1. Philip says:

    Hi All, would like to know any PMD user in Dubai UAE?

  2. Chuckens says:

    Is there anyway to export my music from device onto laptop? i want to wipe mine. Thanks

  3. Zerbembasqwibo says:

    Now I tried the new firmware. In general very good! Great work done from all of you who did it!

    I found a problem: When I change tempo one back to 0% it jumps and plays a beat double. It happens boh if I come from minus or plus side of tempo change. This happens just on one mp2, 320 kb/s. Maybe some error with the file?

    Otherwise, let’s mix! 🙂

    • djpip27 says:

      Glad you like the new firmware – there hopefully will be another release in the future which is even better. Could you send me this particular music track/file if you have easy access to it and I’ll see if this is still an issue in newer firmwares?
      If you can email it to [pacemaker at pacemakerdevice dot org] – Thanks!

  4. victor jim says:

    Hi, was having trouble transferring songs into my PM, i´ve restored the hard rive, and now i can’t get it to work. When i turn it on it says..

    Hard Drive restored
    Please upgrade firmware.

    When I open de device on my mac there are no folders, and I’ve tried making one and it wont read it.

    Hope you can help

    thank you !

    • djpip27 says:

      Hi there! Connect the Pacemaker Device to your computer using a USB cable and then press the power button on the top of the device. You should then see it as a removable device. Unfortunately I don’t have a MAC but you’ll need to enable the viewing of hidden files and folders. You should see a folder called .Pacemaker on the root of the filesystem. On windows it would look like: E:\.Pacemaker\.

      Download any firmware file from the downloads page on this website and save it to this directory. Unplug your device and it will start installing the firmware for you and you’ll be able to use the device again.

  5. Glenn says:

    Hi I’ve just ordered the 60gig one second hand as I’ve always wanted one since they come out but reading more about them and the problems with the software I’m getting worried can any one reasure me everything will be ok thanks

    • djpip27 says:

      I’m sure you’ll love using the Pacemaker device – if you have any issues, post here and someone will do their best to help you.

  6. Jared Neaves says:

    Thanks for everything you are doing!!!

  7. Fredrik says:

    Nice! I’m glad things are starting to happen for PMD.

    Does anyone else have trouble transposing tracks? The key change/time stretch seem to be broken, or am I missing something?

  8. jmnuit says:

    Yeah !
    Haven’t check since a bit about the PM, but nice to see some very nice updates !
    Just installed this one and worked like a charm 😀
    Love it , hope something stable will be release soon, keep on your great work !

  9. Muhammad says:

    thank you for all now i can use my pm is working well i am happy

  10. Iraklis says:

    Hi guys! I just have some problems with my PMD and it;s the first time I experienced any problems with it. I am using this since October 2008 (more than twice each week) and three days ago it started stuttering. The tracks are not the problem – the problem is that they jitter and the sound result is a bit like pressing at random the Play/Pause button in a Pioneer CDJ. Tonight things got worse : the stuttering was more often and then tw codes have been on the screen 0201 and 0500. Do you think that if I just download your program will be enough or should I solve thede first and then upgrade? Hardly knew about your new update software (here in a Greece I have never met a second PMD user…) – BEST REGARDS, Iraklis

    • djpip27 says:

      You can try the update although remember it’s not ‘supported’ officially, it might help though. Perhaps check which firmware version you are using first – press the power button to being up the Options Menu and select About. Now select Version. You should see the number 14142 next to the word firmware or possibly 16219. 16219 is a ‘buggy version’ and potentially can display the error 201 on-screen when using the beat jump functions. Versions below 14142 also had similar problems. Take a look at our downloads page and the beta firmware pages and perhaps see if you want to try updating. Unfortunately there is a small chance these errors might mean your hard-drive in your pacemaker might be nearing the end of it’s life – keep an eye on the forums for a guide on how to replace it though if you suspect this.

  11. George says:

    Hi, thanks for the superb work. I can see that many things have been improved and it must be my imagination, but the new firmware is more responsive and my mixing is tighter. There are three features I am dying to see incorporated into PM:
    1) Ability to use the FX on/off switch to instead swap any active EQ settings between the two sources. This way I can swap the bass of two tracks during a mix and mix a lot smoother than I can right now. 2) being able to set cue points on the PM device rather than only in the editor. 3) Remove the 0 % snap/indent (gets stuck at 0% when trying to ride the pitch). Thanks

    • djpip27 says:

      The Pacemaker team are focusing on the Pacemaker Application, because obviously they get income for that compared to us who get firmware updates for free – but your ideas if included in the app, might one day make it to the pacemaker device. The editor might not receive an update for a while. Perhaps if the editor is used by the app one day it might get updated too. Thanks for your suggestions and glad you are enjoying using the update.

  12. MontyC says:

    Hello – i’m well up for getting my pacemaker out again , but just want to know if you guys have sorted out the tempo grabber and the start cue points – it often starts on a high hat.

    really hope so as the device would be perfect if you’ve managed those 2 things

    • djpip27 says:

      The start cue points are managed by the editor I believe, although don’t hold me to that? I’m afraid you’d have to experiment or check in out forums with someone else to see if things are any better. Obviously software can’t detect the beat grid/start point correctly 100% of the time so perhaps if the team manage to work out a way to use the Pacemaker Editor with the Pacemaker Application for BlackBerry PlayBook, we might see an editor update too? (We are volunteers – we can only hope!).

      • MontyC says:

        i know guys – it’s totally awesome you’ve effectively brought the product back from the grave.

        Thank you.

        It’s just that those are actually the main issues for me – it’s only really an issue for 4 x 4 tunes where it often misses the 1st kick drum… i was just wondering if the beat jump thing is dealing with this…

        • djpip27 says:

          Um, I’m not sure myself but I can’t see why using the beat jump wouldn’t work or even the scratch mode depending on what your seeing. Sometimes I’ve pressed play and as you say the first beat is missing, for this you can either beat skip back or use the new scratch mode (whilst cue’ing) to find that first missing beat.
          Sometimes the ‘beatgrid’ is off and when you use the new beatlock function to match two songs automatically they sound wrong because it’s matched to a snare as you said. You can then make the beat jump 1/4 or an 1/8 and jump back and forwards to make them match although without cue’ing first, it’d sound messy live. Best to have a play!

    • neonllama says:

      Hey i try doing the update it told me to eject from comp, i did then it said update in progress and it just restart now it only shows pacemaker logo

  13. […] quite easy to upgrade and on Linux, you just need to follow the Mac instructions. Ensure your Pacemaker has at least 20% charge before starting this process. Download the firmware […]

  14. Ventus says:

    I have been complaining in the Facebook about making the PMD Firmware Open Source or at least releasing a new firmware. All I have to say is THANK YOU Tonium or Pacemaker.net (I have no idea were ther firmware comes from Tonium itself) for after long wait you actually made it!!!!

    • djpip27 says:

      Just to clarify the firmware upgrade is released by the new Pacemaker Music AB team, not Tonium who went into liquidation a while back. They aren’t required to make the entire software open source, because obviously they paid good money to get the technology to make the Pacemaker App. Anything they do need to make open source can be found here:

      Make sure you read up on the history of Tonium/Pacemaker/Pacemaker Music here: http://pacemakerdevice.org/?page_id=19

  15. chuckens says:

    working really well now. i was getting the odd crash before with the old unofficial firmware when playing with the effects & seems to be all good now. no problems with the editor also. just wondering will there be an update for the editor do you think? or thanks so much for keeping the device alive. long live the pacemaker 😉

    • djpip27 says:

      It’s possible in the future there might be an editor update, although currently we are a long way off. We are volunteers here at pacemakerdevice.org and the Pacemaker Music team who make the app and the firmware don’t have the manpower to do everything. Both products share the same source code though so features added to the app (like scratching) can then be added to the original Pacemaker Device.

      Perhaps the editor will be used by the app at some point and then they’ll be a new editor too? Read up on the history of the Pacemaker here for more details: http://pacemakerdevice.org/?page_id=19

  16. chuckens says:

    Thanks for making an update. I really though when it went to blackberry play that was the end for the device 😉 about to update!

    • djpip27 says:

      The BlackBerry PlayBook app is just the start! Did you know the app and the pacemaker device share the same code? If they add something to the app, then now it’s possible (assuming the team find the time) to update your Pacemaker too! Just remember the app makes them money – and we currently get the updates for free. Thanks Pacemaker! 😉

  17. Max says:

    Great update. Been using it almost every day since the release of the update, love the scratch-function, and haven´t had any problems until just right now.
    Applied the reverb-effect to a song and the whole PMD crashed. Got it running again after a few minutes (held the power-button pressed down for about 10seconds) and now I´m just hoping to not get a heartattack like that again…
    Awesome stuff anyways!

    • djpip27 says:

      Glad you got it working again – the 10 second press is a hard reset. I’ll make sure the Pacemaker team (we are just volunteers) are aware of that one. If it happens again or other people have experienced a similar problem – do let us know, then it’s obviously easier to fix. 🙂

  18. Wakster says:

    Many thanks for helping get my Pacemaker back out the drawer and back into use again. Must say this version seems very stable upto now, hope you keep up the good work, it’s a great device and deserves to be kept alive

  19. Sloopy says:

    Have been playing around with the new firmware all weekend without any problems or crashes at all. Since installing the beta firmware connecting PMD to the Editor software has been a bit hit and miss. Sometimes the Editor will crash before the device is recognised. Other times it will recognise it but it takes a long time to load (compared to the 14142 firmware). But strangest of all, when I first connected the PMD to the editor software I was told that new firmware is available would I like to download it? Apart from the Editor problems the new firmware seems very stable, well done and thank you to all who had a hand in bring this to us.

    • djpip27 says:

      Thanks for letting us know your findings – I’ve not had the editor problem myself but I’ve heard a few people mention it. Hopefully we can work out what might be causing it.

  20. Dokkum1950 says:

    Hi guys,am glad that PMD lives again. Thanks!!!

  21. PaixAim says:

    Finally, it’s just DAMN good !!!

    I’m a linux user and i can say that the ” Mac Method ” to do the update works for Linux too.
    About this firmware, i have no problem, all is prefectly functional so… I’m really happy to see that Pacemaker Device isn’t dead yet !!

    Good luck, and thank you ( From France )

  22. SaolPaulo says:

    Whatever you do dont enable beat jump when in vinyl mode it will turn your pmd into a Gt Vauxhall Nova and make you look like a fud.

  23. SaolPaulo says:

    So just had a play with the scratch function, its not perfect, but then it’s not vinyl, but get the sensitivity right and without overuse it can be a useful wee tool, the trick seems to be to catch it on the outside edge of the touch pad on the upper left for us righty’s but beware let the finger slip and your in the sh, as it will cause your gain and high range as well as your treble and mid range frequencys to xxxx up so prob best not to use the scratch effect live unless you want to look like a tommy turbo.

  24. SaolPaulo says:

    This version seems a bit more stable than the unofficial 16219 release so far, here’s hoping it gets better, the beat lock function is a must for long mixes and the beat jump and snap loops also, the unofficial release crashed my pmd and rendered it unusable for months in a drawer due to corrupted versions of the unoffical release and I couldnt roll it back ,happy to say its working again, stuck 14142 on first then upgraded to the beta version, so far so good, not bothered about a scratch mode just an up to date version that works which is more advanced than 14142.

  25. Dj DNA says:

    Great Job! I have test beta version solid for 10 h no crush at all. Thanks PM team

  26. DJ-Tux says:

    there was a beta leaked a long time ago. Is this the same one. Is it better or completely different (skipped the features from old leaked beta and started from the current released firmware.

    Great news!!!!
    David Smereski

  27. Curt Lundberg says:

    super! Goin to use the device tomorrow night, but keeps the upgrade as a forthcoming present!

  28. djnoggin says:

    would REALLY LOVE a fine-tempo adjustment.

    the touchpad is so sensitive and hard to lock onto a pitch manually. where do we go for feature requests / source code, because i really think a modifier button + pitch adjust to make the range much more fine would be very helpful.

    also a momentary pitch ‘bend’ would be way more useful than ‘scratching’ IMO.

    thank yall!

    • djpip27 says:

      I’m not sure if we have a feature request thread in the forums yet, but if you’d like to head on over and create one (pacemakerdevice.org/forum) so we can track these things feel free. Bear in mind the team’s focus is likely to be on the app, seeing as they make no money from updating the Pacemaker firmware and they do need to eat and have somewhere to sleep!, so there’s no promise it’ll be included – but seeing as the app and device can share the same source-code, if they add this to the app one day your Pacemaker wish might come true!

  29. Max says:

    Nice with an update 🙂 Will try it out on my Mac. Will there be an updated version of the pacemaker editor aswell?

    • djpip27 says:

      Afraid there isn’t an editor update yet. This might be a long way off currently, but we can hope in the future it might happen. If you do have a go at installing it using you Mac could you look over my instructions and provide feedback and/or screen-shots of steps 2/3/5. I don’t have a Mac so I’ve guessed. Good luck and have fun mixing!

  30. Deejay Flux says:

    Well it’s nice to hear there is an update for the pacemaker device but I am not satisfied on the updates on the new beta firmware. So I haven’t updated the firmware yet. I have come close to selling my PMD, but I will hang onto it and pray the final firmware release will have more to offer than in the current official beta. I am so happy with unofficial last firmware release.

    • djpip27 says:

      Hi Flux, good to see another familiar face from the old forums – least we know people can find us! The Pacemaker device and app share the same code now, so if one gets updated it’s possible the other can be updated too. If your using the device in a ‘live’ environment it perhaps isn’t best to update to a beta firmware release, but there are some great things in this release.
      I can’t remember exactly what changed from the unofficial leaked version your using but I think it’s less crashy and scratching certainly is brand new!

  31. Mabbs says:

    Installed and all seems fine. So glad you are updating this again. I use the Blackberry which is cool but the original Pacemaker still has a better feel as far as mixing is concerned.

    • djpip27 says:

      That’s great that you use both. They share the same code so hopefully updates/new features in one will appear in the other – thanks for reporting on your experience with the firmware.

  32. NyRo says:

    Very nice job guys, the scratch function is just perfect

    Big Thanks to you all

  33. Mellhell says:


    My PMD has been resting for a long time now, maybe it’s time for a revival.

    Keep it up.

    Anything I can do to help?

    • djpip27 says:

      Are you a Mac user? I’m looking to see if someone can check my Mac guide – I don’t have a Mac so if anyone can check the steps I’ve posted above work – or provide screen-shots please give me a shout.

      • Max says:

        Guide confirmed working for Mac users. However, Mac users might need to google how to “Show Hidden Folders”. The update is fine, but we need an option to use vinyl mode without scraching as berfore this update i.e. vinyl mode with pitch. And as said before by someone, the Sound of the Scratch isn’t very good. Thanx anyway for a reason to dust of the device. 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes the Mac guide is fine but finding the hidden files was a pain in the arse for an amateur like myself!

  34. JOY says:

    A SSD of high 500GB drive inside whould be GREAT MODIFICATION.

  35. Xecila says:

    Im not sure about this, I would really like to try it, but I dont want to take any risks :s I use my Pacemaker instead of Turntables to my DJM-2000 when Im mixin live, and I really dont want my Pacemaker device to be “Unusable” :s Does anyone know if it really works? I bought the last Pacemaker device in sweden, I dont think I will be able to get a new one if I fuck this one up lol.

    • djpip27 says:

      If you’d rather not join in the beta that’s cool – check out the known issues section. Unless you do lots of looping, or you frequently record your mixes this beta seems pretty solid. If you’ve got any doubt though – wait for an official release.

    • Sox says:

      We are not saying the beta IS going to crash, but I wouldn’t advise anyone that uses their Pacemaker for live sets to risk it just in case it makes you look a numpty 😉

  36. Paul says:

    woohoo at last new and old firmware looks like my pmd will come out the drawer again.

  37. paul says:

    Hello PM developers!

    I’m happy to see that this new Beta is going on. But I’m a Mac user. Are there any Beta plans for this platform? Do I have to buy a windows PC?

    Best regards,


  38. Luke Perman says:

    Great work!

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